Doraemon Choco Monaka

ドラえもん ふわチョコモナカ

Japanese Snack Opening Video & Pictures

Bandai Doraemon Choco Monaka

This is a cute chocolate wafer that is shaped like Doraemon. The air-in milk chocolate helps create a crispy texture.

Who’s Doraemon?

Doreamon is a popular Japanese manga series. Doraemon is a robotic cat well known for his magical pocket which he can pull out all types of gadgets. The main story revolves around Doramon traveling back in time to guide and protect a young boy name Nobita. You might wonder if Doraemon is a robotic cat why doesn’t he have ears? Well, Doraemon once had ears, but they were bitten off by a robotic mice. This explains his fear of mice as well. Another quick fact, Doreamon’s favorite snack is dorayaki ( どら焼き ), it’s a Japanese snack that looks like two pancakes with red bean filling in the middle.


The first appearance of Doraemon, who came via the time machine.

Doraemon Choco Monaka Opening Images

Japanese Snack Opening Video & Pictures